The mushroom project is central to our work. The main reason being that mushrooms marked the turnaround of our founder's life. Chido Govera learned to farm mushrooms when she was 11 years old. Immediately when she realised the benefits of mushrooms, she set out to simplify the art of cultivating mushrooms so she could use mushrooms to help others.  What fascinated her about mushrooms was how they enabled her to convert agricultural waste into food and an income for her family. She says, "Witnessing the benefits of mushrooms was like magic! Agricultural waste was all I had at the end of every farming season. It was and still remains the most abundant resources in many poor farming communities, and even in our cities. Mushrooms convert this abundance into food and income in record time!"  With what we have witnessed in the communities we work in around Zimbabwe, we cannot agree more!

We use all kinds of agricultural wastes to produce the highest quality mushrooms. From maize stalks, coffee waste, to baobab fruit waste, all can be converted into tasty mushrooms - good for health and good for nature! Our big adventure at the moment is working on introducing different types of cultivated mushrooms to our local market. We are currently setting ourselves up for exploring different edible and medicinal mushrooms. We successfully using mushrooms as a key driver of our Mushroom & Poultry based IFPS. 

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