The project is also a work of art by artist Koen Vanmechelen. It started with SOTWA - meaning umbilical cord - in 2014 with the Masaai people in Tanzania where the artist gave a Kenyan bull for adoption to the Masai tribe. Fresh blood and DNA were injected into the herd, strengthening the resilience of the herd through crossbreeding and thus offering it a more viable chance for the future. 

In Zimbabwe, the project SUNGANO - meaning covenant - started in 2017 in Chinyaure Community. Through this project, a bull is adopted into a community that normally would not afford one and is hosted in a central place where local community members can access it. 

SUNGANO is part of our initiative of building what already works in the communities in order to strengthen and make our work sustainable. With SUNGANO project, we start engaging the men of the communities we work in more directly which enable us to build stronger communities and support around our women and girls' project. From Chinyaure, the project is expected to grow into other communities where we work.

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