This month we initiated a new mushroom farmer, Alessandro Haas in Germany under our Business Partner Program. Haas is a young German entrepreneur who is starting mushroom production on coffee grounds collected from different cafes in Stuttgart. Produced mushrooms will be sold to local organic/bio fresh produce market and some top restaurants around Stuttgart.

Our Foundation’s Business Partner Program is designed to offer unique value for both our Profit and Non-Profit oriented partners. We offer more than just practical training in mushroom production. Haas is our first Profit oriented partner.

For our Profit oriented partners we provide long-term support for their business to ensure the sustainable production of top quality mushrooms, selection introduction of new varieties as well as an opportunity to start an integrated food production system based on the spent substrate from the mushrooms.

Our Non-Profit partners in the developing world or involved in social projects with communities, orphans, women and girls have extended benefits of a range of life skills that help build a sense of community and the development of the individual which is key in these areas.

We are glad to welcome Alessandro Haas to The Future of Hope Family!

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02/08/2014 - 12:00

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